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the mayor called for an emergency tax to help city the city afloat. phil mctyre with why they think it will work. >> absolutely flat-out opposed. we are paying too much in taxes as it is. >> i am not happy about it but the money has to come from somewhere. are. >> reporter: from the sounds of things oakland mayor jean kwan will have a hard time getting people to agree to a tax to bail out the deficit. >> for me i am going to be asking everybody to do their share. i will be asking the employees, including the police and the fire to come up and do their share. i will be asking voters to do their share. and on top of that, despite that i will probably have to make cuts in programs and layoffs. >> reporter: one of the skeptics is kwan's replacement on the council. >> i am concerned that the city of oakland will pay $600 to $800,000 to put it on the ballot and it's a gamble i am
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not willing to make. >> it may also besomething of a sign of the times. for years oakland voters were among the most liberal and generous in the state repeatedly approving tens of millions in higher taxes for park improvements, fixing the city's schools and public safety. even with last summer's lay-off of some 80 cops the ongoing fiscal mess at city hall have we finally reached the end? >> when will it he happened? will we keep getting these increase inside. >> if the city had managed their resources we wouldn't be under the stress we are today. >> they are waiting to see the city do a little bit more on our part to show that we are going to manage things differently. >> reporter: one question, how much of the new money will be for cops. >> remember, this is a lot less money than my predecessor asked for. i think people get that the recession is really bad. that the city has not aa lot of good options. >> as a matter of fact, the city has very few options. it is a tough sell tonight. but i think she has got the
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votes to at least get it on the ballot. as for getting that 2/3 majority that will be difficult but she is going to try. >> but, phil, november was $360. now they are talking 60 that is a big difference. >> it is. but i think she is hoping that the early polling shows that that difference makes it a lot easier sell. 360 was an impossible number for a lot of people to handle. 80 might be right in that range. but allen the people i am talking about it is not that easy even at that amount of money. these are tough times. if the governor gets his special election he will be asking for a tax extension as well. that will be two hits here in oakland that will really test the city's resolve. >> that 2/3 mark is really high. >> thanks so much. >> new details tonight in a widening drug scandal in contra costa county. we are learning more about police officer stephen tenabby who is now the third suspect arrested along with a top narcotics officer and private investigator accused of selling
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drug evidence. the latest suspect may also be linked to a separate scheme. ann? [ inaudible ] >> reporter: 47-year-old was arrested on possession and assault rifle. he is a sheriff's deputy who worked as a police officer. the police station says it was the result of an ongoing investigation into the central contra costa narcotics enforcement team. last month the former drug enforcement team leader and a private investigator were arrested on charges of selling drugs. >> but now that we are getting other information about other officers per chance being involved, it does complicate it but not our portion of the case. >> reporter: attorney mike cardosa represents welsh, the former drug team commander. welsh has confessed that he worked with christopher butler to sell confiscated drugs.
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he says his client was only involved with butler, no one else. >> i look at that investigative agency as the hub of this. and out from that come different spokes. >> reporter: one of those spokes, according to the san francisco chronicle involves stephen who was also under scrutiny for two arrests made near the vine, a bar in danville. he was in court last friday when the prosecutor alleged men in contested divorces and custody battles were being set up by a private investigator. >> and then someone comes up with the idea, well, let's get your husband a dui and the court will be less likely to give the children to him. >> reporter: the claim is that butler would have the men meet someone for drinks. and the police would be called when he left the bar. the question is whether or not officers were paid for the dui arrests. the public defender told cbs 5 that even if this ends up being true, it's not clear if the duis will be dismissed. >> this case on a general level seems to be developing
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different layers. the common thread seems to be the antioch police department. they were all ex-antioch police officers. i can imagine anybody that's an ex-antioch police officer is going to be looked at. >> reporter: welsh has cooperated with the investigators but cardosa says he doesn't know if there are more officers involved and if there will be more arrests. >> reporter: is he giving them information that is leading to other officers? >> no. they haven't talked to him or given them any more information. it is not saying we wouldn't should they calm to us. but as of now, no, we haven't. >> reporter: the public defender says there are at least eight drug cases in the county that could be impacted by these arrests. one of those cases goes to court tomorrow. and the public defender may ask to have those charges dropped against the man because that case may be tainted. >> thank you. the san francisco public defender's office has released another surveillance video in its review of drug busts by
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plain-clothed officers. the video showing a man in a distinctive dark jacket entering the henry hotel south of market. officers said they observed that man with drugs in his jacket. according to the police report the drugs were found in the man's white and tan jacket. >> really demonstrating something we've been concerned about for a long time which is this culture of what i am going to call lawlessness on the part of the police where they indiscriminately write the facts that they want to justify their arrest. and they don't worry about it. >> the charges were later dismissed because of a discrepancy. the san francisco police plain clothes unit has been suspended while the fbi and other authorities investigates allegations of misconduct. new developments tonight in the brutal case of a transit rider nearly beaten to death. cal train says that there are significant leads in friday's mob attack on a peninsula platform. mark sayre on the police response. mark? >> reporter: allen, that passenger remains in critical condition tonight. but a spokesperson for cal
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train tells us that he is showing some signs of improvement. and of course this attack has saddened cal train riders who say they do all they can to stay safe. the redwood city cal train station is the second busiest. but news that a passenger was attacked while waiting at the station is of great concern. >> that's really unfortunate. i'm sorry to hear that. >> reporter: the 47-year-old san jose man was waiting on the southbound platform at about 7:3 p.m. on friday evening. that's when cal tran officials say a group of 9-15 assailants attacked and robbed the man. thes suspects were gone by the time the police arrived. >> maybe they need to have more security around here at that time of night. because you know things like that can keep happening and shouldn't happen to people. >> reporter: as a result of the attack, the san mateo transit police department has stepped up patrols at the redwood city
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police department. there were ten felony and misdemeanor arrests and trains and platforms in january of this year. there were 103 arrests in 2010 and 104 in 2009. regular riders like debabo say they have seen plenty of trouble at the redwood city station. >> there are a lot of people around here who like to just start random it conflicts. just like down there there are some people arguing. >> cal train passengers courtney says she is always paying attention. >> there is always something to look out for, for everybody. you should always look around in your surroundings, you know. >> but other riders say they never have any problems on cal train. >> the only thing i look around for is the train. not for persons. because they are, like, pretty cool. >> reporter: as for the investigation, investigators say at this point they are actively looking for persons of interest in this case. allen, unfortunately this platform does not have any security cameras. so there is no surveillance
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video, at least from the train station itself, but perhaps a nearby business or something got some video. we don't know that. but certainly no cameras are here at the station. >> something would help them a lot. mark sayre in redwood city, thanks. >> opening statements today in the trial of a san mateo teenager accused of bringing bombs to hillsdale high school back in 2009. now, the attorney for alexander yushock says his client is schizophrenic and couldn't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. prosecutors allege youshock brought ten pipe bombs, a train shaw to school all planning to kill a formerteacher and students. he faces life in prison if he is convicted. the san francisco investment banker david crane, in the chronicle he linked the controversy over wisconsin's employee's union to california. he argued the politically
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powerful california workers don't require collective bargaining rights because of other civil service protections. now, state senator yee asked the state senate to reject crane's confirmation. >> well, it is not even spring break. but in san mateo county parents were willing to stand in line to get their kids into a top school next year. they started camping out at 3:00 yesterday afternoon to register their kids for the school in belmont. that is a public school, but it has a limited number of open spots. that's not enough to keep away determined parents. >> there was this absolutely no way my child was not going to get into this local school that's, like, three minutes from our home. the superintendent says the number of students in the district has jumped by 800 in four years. [ music ] don't mess with our dog. that's the message these people are sending. i'm simon perez in san francisco. i will tell you what has got
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them so mad. >> bedbug, yes, they are nasty and they are spreading everywhere. and now a new weapon. how this adorable dog can beat the bugs. my memory a lot, school is harder like focusing and stuff like that. >> he was lucky to survive a nightmare on the baseball diamond. the new helmet that protect these from the same kind of injury. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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proposed restrictions could keep pets away from some popular . >> dog lovers are making their i voices heard over leash laws that could keep their dogs away from parks in san francisco. simon perez is there where some people spoke up for their pooches. >> reporter: hey, to leash or not to leash that is the debate that has royaled san franciscon and it is not over.
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they are decrying the plan to shrink the off leash areas in san francisco. >> it is an urban recreation area. it is not a pristine wilderness out in the middle of nowhere. >> we don't have backyards in san francisco. we use the ocean beach as our backyards. it is a place where we go for recreation. >> reporter: from the national park recreation view the golden gate recreation area is a place for recreation but over years as people came to visit conflicts cropped up. >> dogs versus dogs, doing owners versus dog owners. dogs versus children and picnickers and so forth. we realized it was really time to create a plan that was understandable, consistent, clear and that provided for a full range of possible ways to enjoy this park. and at the same time a -- allowed us to do what we do as a national park service, which
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is to protect resources for the future. >> reporter: here are some of the proposed changes. dogs are pretty much allowed all over port clemson off leash. the new proposal restricts that to the yellow area. keep in mind this map has also eliminated areas where dogs shouldn't be going anyway, leash or no leash. currently at ocean beach dogs are allowed off leash at the northern and southern end, the areas shaded red. the proposal would eliminate the southern end. the off leash area is at the northern end shaded yellow. this is christie field now. off leash everywhere there is red. the proposal, limit off leash to the yellow areas. the middle of the airfield and the central beach. this is stinson beach now. dogs are required to be on leash in the areas shaded blue. the proposal, pretty much the same. >> there has been an extreme definition of environmental ism that is being used in the beach area right now. and that is that people are bad. people don't belong in our parks. and what we're saying is that the parks are for the people.
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>> reporter: even though the national park service wants to hear from visitors about the plan, it won't compromise its mission. >> it's really not a tally of votes. it's trying to design a management program for dog use that's wise and appropriate for national park areas. >> reporter: so if the plan eventually goes through and allows dogs to be off leash the golden gate national recreation area will be the only one out of 394 national parks that would allow dogs to be off leash. a long way to go here though. the plan won't be finalized and go into effect until the end of next year. if you or anybody else wants to come down here and put your two cents in, the meeting continues here at fort mason. >> good to know. simon perez, thanks so much. >> of course dogs are famous for their sense of smell. authorities use them to search for drugs and bombs. now some bag wills -- beagles are sniffing for a new threat, bedbugs. mike sugarman explains. >> reporter: i have been itchy
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lately and it looks like something bit me. could it be bedbugs? according to an ad in today's chronicle, there is an easy way to find out. >> this is mo. >> reporter: mo, come on, let's start sniffing. >> come on, let's go. >> reporter: mo is a 1-year-old beagle mix with a nose for bugs. >> dogs are 95% or more accurate. whereas if you had to search your room you might be 30% accurate in actually trying to find the bugs. >> reporter: mo's human is mike watts with the company advanced canine detectives. one of the few bay area using dog detectives. training costs $10,000. to get warmed up mike planted some live bedbugs in violence so mo could find them. >> good boy, good boy, good boy. >> it could be embarrassing to have bedbugs, but it shouldn't be. five star hotels have them. bedbugs don't fly, but they do fly into the country from overseas travelers or you. >> it is recommended that you
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don't actually bring your luggage into your residence once you travel because remember your luggage is there with 300 others in the bottom of an airplane. >> reporter: mo sniffed around want to go find bedbugs because he gets treats if he does. but alas for him and yea for me. >> do i have bedbugs? >> you do not have bedbugs, yes. >> reporter: if the $250 visit did find bedbugs they would recommend a deep cleaning which can cost upwards of $750. now that i know i don't have bedbugs, i have to figure out why i'm scratching. but it won't be from mo, i am assured he doesn't have fleas. >> good boy, good boy, good boy. >> reporter: mike sugarman, cbs 5. >> that's the bed beagle. let's check in with roberta for the latest forecast. >> hasn't been raining cats and dogs but light precipitation. we will pinpoint that first. let's head outside with the cbs 5 weather camera picking up cloudy conditions. today a rather cool day. 634 san francisco to 61 degrees
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at santa cruz. the big story was the gusting winds in some locations all the way up to 60 miles per hour. those winds are beginning to dial back. also have a little bit of light precipitation there to be noted just moving out of the antioch area. skirting its way in towards brentwood. so it will be on this evening. the bottom line is carry that umbrella to be on the safe side. there is a potential of a scattered shower. tonight will be mostly cloudy with numbers pretty mild in the 40s. and low 50s. otherwise we have the shield of clouds in advance of this warm front here moving in towards the bay area. the bulk of the precipitation is moving into the overnight hours. but we have a chance of a couple of, let's say 100ths of an inch of rain in the city of san francisco. most of it north of the golden gate bridge. we could see up to a quarter of an inch. tomorrow a lingering shower is possible so call it partly cloudy. in the low 60s. 05 -- 65 will be the outside number so a tad warmer
6:20 pm
tomorrow. check out your wednesday. the warmest day of this workweek. another threat of rain returns on thursday. and then again by sunday into monday. oh, i've got to tell you about something really cool in the sky happening here in the bay area tomorrow. that's coming up next time around. >> can't wait, ro, thanks so much. new protection for kids on the baseball field and more proof that way too many of us are just a little too wired. that's in two minutes. way crippled the lunchtime "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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♪ hello sunshine ♪ sweet as you can be ♪ i love waking up [ chuckles ] ♪ to your morning melody ♪ i can tell it's gonna be ♪ a sweet day [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey for a yummy sweet taste that's just right. and the 100% natural whole grain oats treat your heart sweet. because they can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. ♪ you're sweet to me bee happy. bee healthy. smashed into each other in the southbound lanes "a" street in ha . a big reckon the east bay highway kind of crippled the lunch bound commute. the southbound lanes of 880 near hayward. just before 11:00 this morning. no word on how many people were hurt or how bad the injuries are. police blocked off the left
6:23 pm
lanes of southbound 880 for almost an hour before they cleared up that crash. there is the backlog stretching for miles. drivers caught in the crunch say at one point the backup was all the way to 280. police opened the lanes just before noon. >> well, after a baseball nearly killed a high school pitcher during a scrimmage in 2010, some teams switched from metal bats to wood bats. now another change could come to a diamond near you. len ramirez shows us. >> this is the new baseball pitcher's helmet. >> reporter: 17-year-old guner sandburg tried on a pitcher's helmet they he will wear for a game last week. >> someone asked me about it and i said that i support it to the fullest extent. and hopefully they will catch on. >> reporter: sandburg and his parents were on hand for the first unveiling of the head gear which could lessen the severity of injuries and even save lives. >> i know there is going to be people saying, well, these accidents are so rare. and they are, luckily, they are
6:24 pm
very rare. but when they happen, they are so traumatic. >> reporter: the sandburg families knows that all too well. pitching in a game last year guner was struck in the head by a linedrive ball travelling at 130 miles per hour. in's iting lab here is what a softball fired with similar force does to a helmet. >> the skull fracture that guner sustained was exactly in the shape of a baseball. >> reporter: he was in a coma and to this day suffers from the effects. >> my memory is -- taken a toll. it took a toll on my memory a lot. school is harder, like focusing and stuff like that. >> reporter: guner's injury was part of the impetus for it. it is lightweight and worn over a cap. why not a full helmet? >> we went over 5 different views of a pitcher during the motion and after the motion and where they are at after they
6:25 pm
pitch. and all of our research showed is that very rarely are they going to have their head down here or their head turned. >> reporter: the president of little league says improving safety is an ongoing process and says it may be only a matter of time before pitching helmets are common. >> some day it becomes the type of product that they grab in the dug-out to put their cap on and the pitcher's protective head gear on just like they do grab their glove to run out on to the field. >> reporter: guner won't be the only player field testing the helmets but he may be the one player who knows best the importance of wearing one. in scotts valley, len ramirez, cbs 5. we are a sleep deprived nation. but it turns out the gadgets we have that make us more productive might be keeping us from any rest. dr. kim mulvahill what you are saying is we are too wired to get sleep. >> too connected that is the problem. think of this as a wakeup call. almost half of people consider themselves rarely, if ever, getting a good night's sleep. it turns out all of our gadgets
6:26 pm
may be keeping us up. [ music ] >> reporter: americans aren't getting enough sleep. >> we don't get home from work until sometimes close to 1 a.m. and so we get up and go to the gym at 6 a.m. >> but it is not just long work hours. the technology we use might also be to blame. the national sleep foundation found that 95% of people surveyed used a computer, video games, cell phone or t.v. in the hour before bed. doctors say electronics can affect your sleep cycle. the artificial light emitted from t.v. and computer screens suppresses the release of melatonin the hormone that helps with sleep. >> it delays our feeling of sleepiness and therefore we are falling asleep at a later hour. you still have to wake up at the same time and getting less hours of sleep. >> reporter: staying asleep can be a problem, too. 1-2 people were awakened by a phone call or text messages or e-mail. doctors say removing any districts from your bedroom can
6:27 pm
help. >> try not to bring your work into your bedroom and keep it clutter free. >> my room is dark and no sound. >> even when my printer is on there is a little light and it bugs me so i turn it offer. >> reporter: for the best night's sleep it turns out we need to be unplugged. >> the national sleep foundation recommends sticking to a regular sleep schedule and establishing a relaxing bedtime routine. adults should get 7-9 hours of sleep per night. teenagers need a little more than 9 hours. >> leave mine in the car. >> in the car. >> that's my solution. >> i think it's tough. i think it is so easy to be too connected. cut back and cut those cords a little bit. >> sounds good. thank you, dr. kim. >> jerry brown said fixing the budget required fast work and the first deadline is already in trouble. why getting a deal this week is so important and why that timetable is now in jeopardy. the annual budget is $14 million. and critics don't like where some of that money is going. why some say it is time for big
6:28 pm
trainings at caltrans. >> and for those of you in the south bay 408 has always meant home. now get ready for some new numbers and some new digits. ,,,,,,,,,,
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sday deadline. . governor jerry brown admitted today he does not have enough republican votes to pass his budgets plan by a thursday deadline. governor brown needs at least two republicans each in the legislature and the senate to vote "yes." the budget includes $12 billion in cuts. brown is also pushing a june ballot measure that, if passed, will extend several temporary taxes for another five years. i have to say to my republican colleagues who i am talking to, i am asking you not to tax anybody. i am asking you to let the people of california decide. >> reporter: republicans say they are angry that brown rejected their proposed reform measures. if the tax extensions aren't passed the state will have to cut an additional $13.5 billion from the budget with most of that expected to come from education. the state republicans are offering a new way to save money. the proposed path steers clear of a transit middle man. when highway funds filter through the agency the cash
6:32 pm
seems to go to waste. mike leery on the call to cut out caltrans. >> well, this is just another example of waste. >> reporter: senator joel anderson is talking today about there story. and on the money investigation of a caltrans investigation at a luxury resort in the desert in 2009. a convention in which caltrans shelled out more than $80,000 to send 52 employees to a transportation conference at a four star hotel that offered ground will rides on a manmade lagoon. >> certainly that story was a tipping point. >> reporter: today joel anderson is calling for a defunding of caltrans, an agency that he says is too fat from taxpayer dollars. >> if you take the salaries, total salaries paid and total benefits paid and divided it by the total number of employees it is in excess of $100,000 per employee. >> reporter: anderson and roughly a dozen republicans want to take nearly $13 billion from caltrans and shift that money to local cities and
6:33 pm
counties for their highways, roads and bridges. doing so, they say, would save $2 billion. >> caltrans has not been a good steward of this money. they have not done what they were supposed to be doing. >> reporter: the republicans say they are taking on governor brown's challenge to realign state government by defunding an agency they believe to be in efficient. >> they are just not being good stewards with our money. >> reporter: as for caltrans, we made several attempts to get comments today from headquarters. in sacramento, mike leery, cbs 5. >> well, the agency has just released a statement saying. oil prices are nearing $107 a post-recession high. how will that translate at the gas pump? it may not sit well with phone users. julie watts comments on the first area change and 50 years
6:34 pm
in the 408 zone. >> for years the number 408 has been synonymous with the south bay. but get ready silicone valley, a new area code is moving in, 669. thanks to proliferation of cell phones, p das and other wireless devices, there are now eight million south bay phone numbers. and the cpuc says something has to give. it is still not clear how the area codes will be divided, whether the current phone numbers will be split in two or if new customers will get the new 669. the california public utility commission will beholding public hearings beginning march 16th. and speaking of numbers, they are changing even faster at the pump. the price of gas has jumped 33 cents a gallon in the past two weeks, due primarily to the unrest in libya. an editor predicts another 10 to 15 crept hike as he says refiners and retailers stint haven't fully passed on the increase in food prices. our check of gas
6:35 pm
today shows the highest gas prices are in san francisco where the cost of regular ranges from $3.75 to $4.39. the obama administration is now considering tapping the nation's strategic oil reserves. well, one way to deal with high gas prices is to get an electric car. but then there is the age-old question where do you charge up? well, now there is an app for that. today a bay area company launched an app for iphone and ipad users. members create a network of people and companies willing to share their publication with other electric cars. its success depends largely on the willingness of the electric car community to let strangers plug in. now, keep in mind sharing your plug does cost about 15 cents a charge. and you have to give it up for about 12 hours. users are expected to pay for borrowing the plug. remember, if you have a consumer story idea we would love to hear it. connect with us at >> still ahead, another bay area soldier killed in
6:36 pm
afghanistan. and as libya edges closer to civil war, just what can or should the united states do to control the violence? >> this school is my second home. and i will never forget this, ever. >> she is a foster child, a ward of the state who grew up taking care of her younger siblings. and now college. she is student -- tonight's student rising above. >> we have four these rising above. can you name the four these going into the bay area's sports hall of fame coming up? [ music ] a ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
bay area. . america's longest war has claimed another soldier from the bay area. husband and father, army staff sergeant mark wells of san jose died in afghanistan on saturday. he leaves behind a son and a pregnant wife. his family says that he stepped on a hidden bomb while dissarming another improvised explosive device. the 31-year-old used to play the bagpipes at funerals of
6:39 pm
fellow soldiers. wells attended lee high school. libyan war planes blasted rebel positions across libya in the second day of a crackdown aimed at stopping the insurgent's advance. but the white house is warning libya that the u.s. and its allies are considering their military options. >> reporter: rebel forces are trying to hold their ground, fighting off continued attacks by libyan government war planes. the opposition has managed to keep control of the oil port town. but closer to the capitol, soldiers have pushed the rebels out. the opposition are having trouble maintaining supply lines for food and weapons and outgunned by gadhafi's air force. >> we won't give up. we win or we die. >> reporter: it is estimated more than 1,000 people have died and hundreds of thousands have fled the country. across the border in tunisia a tent city has been set up for
6:40 pm
evacuees. this man says the libyan government is forcing rebels out. >> reporter: the obama administration is sending millions of dollars in humanitarian aid to the area and looking at its military options. the white house is considering all possibilities, including providing arms to the rebels. >> we send a very clear message to the libyan people that we will stand with them. >> reporter: the u.s. is trying to coordinate its response with other countries. some members of the united nations are discussing a no fly zone over libya. and nato officials are meeting in brussels to consider their next move. >> if gadhafi and his military continue to attack the libyan population systematically, i can't imagine the international community and the united nations standing which. >> so far the rebels are on their own. something in the sky above the bay area tomorrow night. no, i am not talking about
6:41 pm
rain. the full pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. [ music ] ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] the network.
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above .. are growing up without thei . most of the kids selected for students rising above are growing up without their parent. and that includes our student this month from san francisco, wendy takud tells us about her. [ laughter ] >> reporter: monique smith has something important to show at the college center at june jordan high. another letter of acceptance. >> sonoma state. [ applause ] >> this school is my second home. and i'll never forget this, ever. >> this will remain the same. >> reporter: school has always been the safest place in her life. she grew up in the notorious sunnydale projects. but the danger was at home with her mom. >> it was that she would pull our hair and threaten to pull our hair. >> she and her sister live with a cousin. she is processing what happened, her mother's drug habit, the abuse, the day she
6:45 pm
thought her mom had overdosed. >> she was laying there and i thought she was dead. >> a lot of people can think if someone has threatened you or someone has been abusive that you would want nothing to do with them or anything to do with your family. and that's not true for her. >> reporter: three of her sisters did run away. but she stayed caring for the younger ones. and sometimes stepping between them and her mom. >> i felt it was my job and my responsibility to step in and protect my little sisters as a big sister, even if that was my mom. >> reporter: but finally came the day that she couldn't do it anymore. >> she is a very courageous young woman. >> reporter: counsellor aaron hughes knew how hard it was for her to leave. but at the meeting, with social workers, child protective services and her family, about her placement. >> he was the one person in the room who was willing to stand
6:46 pm
firm and say what is happening at home isn't okay. >> reporter: she moved three times in her junior year. usually foster children lose about five months of school every time they move. half dropout of high school. >> well, anyway not her. >> to show up to school and have the courage to say i am going to learn today, even though i don't know where i'm living, even though i didn't eat last night. >> there were so many days where i just sat here and cried and talked to teachers. and just got so much love. >> reporter: monique smith has a 3.5 grade point average. >> going to college, starting high life, oh, i haven't said that yet. that was a first. >> reporter: if you want to help her and kids like her go to college, consider a donation
6:47 pm
to the student's rising above college fund. go to students rising and you will find out more. >> she got another letter of acceptance. i love that. >> the smile says it all, too, doesn't it? >> she is golden. >> yes, she is. >> you can feel it. >> wendy, thank you. >> speaking of golden, there was some sunshine out there but it wasn't warm enough. it was cold. >> i was going to say don't go there but we have no golden sunshine in the forecast until about wednesday. that will pan out to be the warmest day of the workweek as well. but today we had numbers unseasonably cool. 64 in san francisco to 61 degrees in santa cruz and in richmond. outdoors right now the live cbs 5 weather camera looking out towards coit tower we do have mostly cloudy skies. the precipitation in earnest right around for the most part just banking out of the brentwood area making tracks
6:48 pm
towards tracy. spotty scattered showers that's what's going on. if you will be out and about this evening you will notice a rain drop or two. in fact, we will show you where it is going to be raining the most. but first overnight temperature- wise into the 40s and into the 50s, the wind has been so blustery, right? they are finally beginning to dial back. the cloud shield is all in advancement of the bulk of the rain that will be rising overnight tonight. the scattered showers are certainly possible for tomorrow. according to the pinpoint forecast it's the north bay, the coast and also the peninsula that will be the recipient of overnight rain showers. anything we see at all will be measured up to about a quarter of an inch, north of the golden gate bridge. that's about it. so that's good. we want this system to move out of here in a hurry. because tomorrow night, 7:25, partly cloudy skies. you will be able to see the international space station and the space shuttle together in unison flying from the northwest to the southeast. you will want to give it a
6:49 pm
look. even though we will have some clouds out there. all right. tomorrow with partly to mostly cloudy skies for openers, a scattered stray showers. the warmest day with more ample sunshine will be on wednesday. another threat of rain returns to the bay area on thursday. and then again on sunday and on monday. my pix were sent to us by eric simon. he said, hey, today was a great day for them to be out there sailing even though the waters are pretty choppy. we invite you to keep your photos coming to mypix @ >> so the international space shuttle my little space cads et cetera. >> thank you very much. what an introduction that was. one of the best ever. >> if the 9ers and raiders want new stadium they are not going to get any help from the governor. and the great outdoors aren't for everybody. that's right, we have got something you have got to see to believe. >> pull up, pull up. pull up. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
am president of the usga frank ted will be introduced by tom watson. and woman's golf expert julie ink ster. and dwight clark two superbowls and of course the catch. and now he reflected on his peculiar wardrobe choice during the 1981 superbowl victory parade down market street. >> joe had it, too. so i wasn't the only idiot out there, you know. after that, after that catch play, we were getting calls from all over about people wanting endorsements. and we did a little ad for a local company. and, you know, got the coats at a great deal. so there we were on the floats with fur coats. all of the fans were pulling all the fur off. i still have that coat somewhere. it has got bare spots on it from the fans pulling the fur out of it. >> i never saw that coat after that appearance.
6:54 pm
the nfl and the players met for a 12th day of mediation. still no deal. former 49er owners ed barlow remembers the last time the nfl stopped working in 1987. he does not expect it will happen again. >> they will get a deal done. well, both sides cannot be stupid. and, you know, you don't just kill the goose that's laying the golden egg. and extend it a week, they will get it done. they will not let this thing get to a lock-out or a strike. it's ridiculous. >> indeed it is. among the stumbling blocks owners want a bigger slice of the pie to cover stadium construction costs. in short the new deal could impact the 49ers new stadium. meanwhile governor jerry brown has his solution. he said if the two teams want to use taxpayer money to help build new stadiums, they ought to "use the ones over at berkeley and stanford." they are good stadiums. brown later added "private enterprises should be able to survive on its own as witnessed
6:55 pm
at pac bell park." the governor referring to at&t park which was built with no public money. >> st. mary's trying to get back to the tournament for the first time in ten years. the gales had no answer for courtney vanderslut she wins all scorers. they win 72-46. st. mary's will likely play in the wmit. and they have some company. allan crab is the latest bear to be named the pack ten's freshman of the year. crab averaged over 60 points per game during league play. they will take on unc in the pack 10 tournament. >> crisp had a day off as the as lost to the mariners. the lead-off player is hitting close to 500 this spring and i caught up with him in phoenix. >> but the as and the giants so far. it is cool, though. it's all right. >> reporter: okay. let's see what you are talking about, okay? i do have a slight giants
6:56 pm
holding up my spring training press pass. but you want to get to where they are. >> exactly. they are. and with that having the veteran presence on the team helps the younger guys. and it gives us more confidence in our team and situational stuff that we won't, dang, how do you put it? >> you can walk into a stadium knowing you are going to win a game. >> i will take that. i will take what you said there. you can walk into a stadium and know that you have a chance to win a game. >> yes, perfect. >> well said. >> well said, i tried to say that. >> i would be a pr agent but he clearly doesn't need one. if you are busy crying over a loss in the wcc tournament, here is what you missed. >> top ranked ohio state put on a shooting clinic in the final game of the regular season. after missing their first attempt they hit 14 in a row to set a new ncaa record less than
6:57 pm
a month losing to wisconsin. ohio beat the 10th ranked badgers by 28 points. 14 count them. the sharks emerge. aim for the guy in the white shirt the next time, not the official. he throws a right cross. the touch pass to allan crab as cal blew out stanford on saturday. and finally no one has more trouble on the water than bill dance. >> this extremely sensitive stick, doggone it. oh, it's sensitive, all right. it's sensitive enough that i felt that. dag gone it. >> don't you hate when that happen it. >> i have heard more darn gum its than i have in the past 30 years there. >> it happens. >> thank you. >> make sureer ready -- sure you are ready. >> "eye on the bay" is up next. thanks for watching. feed me!
6:58 pm
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